Project MotorLine31

reliable yacht open sea

The MotorLine31 project is based on maximum comfort and reliability on the high seas, provided that the length and cost of the yacht is minimized.

They are provided by:

  • increased seaworthiness, range and autonomy of navigation;
  • large volumes of premises;
  • large open deck spaces;
  • separation of passengers and crew.

Increased seaworthiness - It is provided with a durable steel hull, designed according to the rules of the classification society, with a high forecastle, which reduces flooding and improves germination on a wave, by installing reliable equipment from the best world manufacturers. The pitching dampers and the Winter-Summer air conditioning system guarantee maximum passenger comfort. Watertightness is ensured by the use of certified doors and portholes. All windows in the steel case are equipped with storm covers. Doors are made with closers around the contour, which allows to obtain a tight and uniform fit.

The range and autonomy of navigation is ensured by an increased supply of fuel in six tanks, supplementary stainless steel tanks for drinking water, the installation of a high capacity desalination plant (if necessary, its duplication), large volumes of storerooms for provisions and supplies. Ecological safety of the yacht is ensured by two large-volume waste tanks and the installation of a wastewater treatment plant. Also provided for all measures to prevent spills of fuel.

The high forecastle and the lack of side walkways on the upper deck allow for an increase in the owners cabin (32 m²) and dining area (27 m²), combined with the main salon (22 m²). Guests are accommodated in four double cabins on the lower deck with a total area of 62 m² with separate bathrooms. In two cabins can be provided two additional beds, bringing the number of passengers to 12 people. The upper saloon (19 m²) is combined with the open deck balcony (34 m²) via a sliding transparent door. Increased comfort is the increased distance between the decks, up to 2.5 meters on the upper deck and up to 2.4 meters on the lower deck and bridge deck.

The large sun deck (65 m²) on the fly bridge is equipped with everything needed for outdoor recreation, including a spa pool, furniture for relaxing and a place to sunbathe. Here is an outer control station. Electro-hydraulic crane is designed to lower the boat, which, if necessary, can be used as a duty.

Additional accessories for water recreation are stored in the hangar of the main hull with access to the bathing area, equipped with a crane for launching a jet ski. Here, if necessary, you can equip a small diving room.

And one more highlight of the yacht is the bow rest area on the bow with two sofas.

The concept of separation of passengers and crew is implemented on the yacht. In everyday life, they do not overlap. The crew is housed in two double cabins, it has its own messroom with a seating area and a place to heat food, its own sanitary unit. For the captain there is a block cabin next to the wheelhouse. The premises of the crew are connected with the wheelhouse and galley by separate ladders.


The main concept of the exterior is the personification of absolute reliability and seaworthiness


A high forecastle and excess free board serve to ensure increased seaworthiness. Recreation areas, equipped on open decks, are located in the wind shade and allow passengers to feel comfortable while being in the fresh air for maximum rest time, even during sailing in fresh weather.

All this, combined by a "strong" - "downed" silhouette, personifies the reliability of the yacht in the open sea.

Technical solutions

According to the ideology of the project, the most reliable, time-tested and sea-based technical solutions are laid in the yacht

The implementation of these solutions is ensured by using the highest quality materials and equipment from leading world manufacturers of yacht mechanisms.

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of the vessel below are preliminary and are subject to clarification during the project development period

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, m 31,5
CWL length, m 27,6
Width is greatest, m 7,00
CWL width, m 6,76
Draft, m 1,9
Displacement volumetric
(50% of stocks), m³
Sailing Range (12 knots), miles 2600
Maximum cruising range, miles 4500
on stocks of fuel and oil based on the cruising range
for water reserves not more than 5 days
(when installing desalination) - unlimited
Passengers, pers. 10 (12)
Crew, pers. 5
Main engines:
Caterpillar C18 Acert kW. (hp) 2 х 447 (608)
Caterpillar C 4.4 kW 2 x 51,5
Maximum speed, knots 13
Cruising speed, knots 12
Economic speed, knots 10
Drivers: Two low-noise five-blade screws with saber blades
Diesel fuel, m³ up to 48
Fresh water, m³ up to 10
Drainage tanks, m³ 9,4