Project Yellow Submarine

Rock boat - Project Yellow Submarine
Restaurant and entertainment complex floating restaurant, concert hall.

The concept of the entertainment complex Yellow Submarine

As a general idea, the exterior and interiors of the Yellow Submarine entertainment complex are based on the illustrations of the famous graphic designer and illustrator Heinz Edelman, who was one of the creators of the famous Yellow Submarine cartoon about the adventures of the British band ╤В╨Р╨мThe Beatles╤В╨Р╨н. This gave impetus to our concept of a rock club with such a name. The layout of the complex has a clear symmetrical composition with respect to the centerline plate, typical for vessels; this also applies to the layout of the interior of a rock club. The style of the end of the 60s of the last centuries, the era of The Beatles, was taken as a general idea of interiors and furniture. For interior elements, besides the aforementioned illustrator, motifs of the so-called Diesel-punk style were used. The color scheme of the entertainment complex is chosen in warm colors according to the uniform exterior and interior stylistics, consisting of yellow and red colors.


Appearance. Visual exterior concept.


Concert hall

Passing inside the club "Yellow Submarine" we are met by the administration at the reception desk. To the left of the reception is the entrance to the restaurant with a high and spacious room, along the perimeter of which there are balconies of the second floor, with dining tables. And on the right side of the reception is the entrance to the concert hall. Those who wish to sit on the balconies of the upper floors of the restaurant or concert hall can climb the spiral staircase from the central corridor.

Getting into the concert hall, we see on the left side, almost in the center of the room there is a bar with comfortable bar chairs. Further we go directly to the hall, where the dining tables made of nickel-plated metal and tops of artificial stone of red color are located in the center. Around the tables are chairs with nickel-plated legs and red leather seats, in the style of roadside American cafes of the 50s of the last centuries. The concert hall is located after the dining area and the dance floor. It consists of a glass hemisphere, at the bottom there is a stage, in the center of which is an art installation made of stainless-steel pipes with the Rock Club logo.

On the sides, at the foot of the stage, there are emergency exits hiding in small premises for technical staff, dressing rooms for performing groups, and also sanitary facilities.

The balconies of two upper decks also open to the concert hall. On the balcony of the second floor there is a console of the sound engineer of the hall and dining tables for more comfortable listening (staying) at the concert. From the balconies of the second and third floors You can see almost the entire panorama of the concert hall and the landscape outside the windows. At the edge of the third floor balcony are located the wheel and periscope - for people who want to feel like a captain of a submarine.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, m 43
Maximum width, m 15,5
Maximum height, m 15,5