Project "MotorLine16P"

Passenger boat

MotorLine16P is a passenger vessel designed to provide sea and river passenger transport on inter city and suburban lines, organizing cruises, tourism and active recreation on the water.

The architectural-constructive type is a single-twin-screw smooth-deck vessel with a raised forecastle, a non-bulbous bow, a transom stern, a steel hull with simplified contours and a developed superstructure with large glazing.

The project MotorLine16P passenger boat was created taking into account new requirements for the operation of passenger vessels, the main of which is the economy of passenger traffic and their payback.

The choice of optimal speeds on the route, reducing the required power of the main engines, the ability to optimize fuel costs and crew costs, allow you to minimize operating costs.

The use of modern high-quality equipment permits to improve both reliability of the vessel and, as a result, provide guaranteed performance of schedules. At the same time reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance. Reducing the displacement, overall dimensions and capacities of the mechanisms serve to reduce the cost of interseasonal maintenance, permit to avoid costs for dock repairs and save on the launch and recovery operations of the vessel at the end and beginning of navigation.

Optimum passenger capacity allows minimizing costs during underloading and "idle" cruises, increasing the average load factor of the vessel and, as a result, maximizing the utilization rate.

The result is a reliable and economical vessel.


Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
The length of the main hull, m 16.1
Maximum length, m 16.77
The length of the waterline, m 15.2
The width of the main body, m4 4.6
Width is greatest, m 4.9
Board height, m 2.05
Draft (at 50% of stocks), m 1.2
Displacement, m³ 28
Navigation range for fuel reserves, miles 980
Fuel autonomy, day 4
Speed, knots 10
Main engine, hp 2 x 85
or 1 x 107
Generator, kW (optional) 30
Fuel, m³ 5
Fresh water, m³, 1
Sewage, m³ 3
Crew, pers. 2
Passengers, pers. 60