Project CatLine82

Yacht platform for active rest

Project CatLine82 is focused on creation of high-speed catamaran - multipurpose aircraft carrier ship-platform with the length of 82 meters. Presentation of the project is presented in the variant of a yacht-platform for an unusual active leisure regardless of the condition of the water surface (wind, roughness).

The catamaran has a very soft ride in rough seas. Special bridge shape in a bow allows to damp the shock wave loads.

Four water cannons are used as propulsors. They also act as a steering device.

Architectural and structural type

Architectural and structural type - four-deck catamaran of aluminum alloy, with flight deck and superstructure-angar of aircrafts, flight control tower, a navigation cabin in the bow.

On the yacht there is a suite of the owner, a cabin of the special staff, 6 double cabins with bathrooms for guests, a bar-restaurant, a cinema, a dancing hall, simulators, a galley with a provision storehouse.

For excursions and active rest of the guests there is an aviation group (helicopters, konvertoplanes, flying car), amphibians, jet skis, speed boats. They are housed in hangars with elevator and two latsports.

The main engines, propulsion systems and diesel generators are in the hulls. Anchor and mooring gear are forward and aft.

The catamaran is equipped with communication and navigation facilities, as well as rescue equipment according to the number of passengers and crew on board.

Sleeping berths for crew members are provided in the forebody in a separate block with all amenities.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, hull length, m 82
Maximum width, hull length, m 22
Displacement, tonnage approx. 2000
Draught, m 3
Main engines are defined
according to the selected speed
Speed, knots 20 - 35
Passengers, persons 12
Crew, personnel, persons up to 25

Material of hull and superstructure - aluminum alloy.