Project Maverick Maverick

Restaurant and entertainment complex floating restaurant, concert hall
"Wheelboat MAVERICK"

The project of the floating entertainment center is a vessel with the capability of execution in rack-mount or self-propelled versions, stylized as American river steamers of the middle and second half of the XIX century, operated on the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers.

For this vessel, the main elements of the style are the superstructure characteristic of American steamers, the stern paddle wheel (imitation), and stylized chimneys. As well as other elements of exterior design, emphasizing the style of the vessel. On the vessel created the atmosphere of this America from the time of the Wild West.

Here you can visit the real Wild West saloon bar, dine in the elegant restaurant of the mid-XIX century at a table overlooking the paddle wheel, enjoying the view of sunset. Or spend a business lunch in a restaurant with real American kitchen with pleasant live blues or jazz music, celebrate your birthday with friends in a country bar to the sound of a classic steam organ or, if you want, just relax on the river bank - for this you need wheel boat MAVERICK.

For visitors, there is a spacious saloon bar for 70 persons on the upper deck; on the second deck of the superstructure - a restaurant with 60 seats with live music and a VIP hall with 48 seats with a unique view of the paddle wheel; on the third deck of the superstructure there is an open grill bar for 50 people with a real steam organ - calliopa. The lobby has a wardrobe. On the vessel there are separate sanitary facilities for men and women.

There is a galley with modern equipment for cooking on the steamer, and spacious storage rooms are provided for storing food and beverage provision.

A modern computer system is provided to provide order management.

The service staff and catering staff (cooks, waiters) quantity is 10-15 people. Security provide up to five people. On the upper deck there is a fixed guard post. The steamer is equipped with a video surveillance and alarm system. For staff, musicians and security there are separate locker rooms and toilets.


The exterior of the vessel is made in the style of a traditional American steamboat colorfully described in the works of Mark Twain

The American vessel is a river vessel with a distinctive recognizable silhouette. Low free board, wide and long, almost the entire length of the vessel, superstructure, wheelhouse, located as a separate structure on the deck of the upper tier.

The superstructure of steamboats built in the 19th century is very similar in appearance to a typical urban structure such as a hotel or a saloon.

A distinctive feature of the American steamers is the aft paddle wheel. The diameter of the paddle wheel is quite significant and ranges from two to three heights of superstructure tiers.

Another of the main elements of the style is the two big funnels, which are set both portside and starboard near the wheelhouse, as a rule, in front of it.

To a common element of the style should be attributed to the columns installed on each board on the decks along the bulwarks.

The entrance is traditionally made from the nose by a special ladder. On large steamers, two bow ladders are installed. A device consisting of a vertical mast, an arrow and the necessary rigging is used for installation of the gangway. In addition to the traditional entrance on the ladder, similar entrances are provided from the sides.

The windows in the superstructure are as large as the case design allows. As a rule, the upper edge of the window is made semicircular or along an arc of large radius.

An interesting feature of such vessels is the calliope steam device - calliope with a piercing sound heard over kilometers. Calliope consists of a horizontal pipe - a steam manifold and whistles tuned to different notes. Big whistles - low notes, small whistles - high notes. Traditionally, the whistles are inscribed in a common exterior.


The interior design of the premises of these vessels is also performed in the style typical of the XIX century. The main material used is dark wood, as a rule.

An essential attribute of bars is always a bar counter located along one of the walls of the room.

Casino interior

The interior of the floating casino used certain architectural elements and furniture elements that mimic the American colonial style.

In accordance with the chosen option of combining the two decks into one room, the supporting elements are included in the interior - columns with hexagonal capitals and pedestals which form an arched colonnade. In the colonnade, elements of forging with a mesh motif common in Chippendale pieces of furniture, as well as fencing of the second deck in the form of a balustrade along the Starboard and Port Sides are used.

Restaurant interior

The interiors of the restaurant floating entertainment center are made in an eclectic style, which is a complex of simplified elements characteristic of American saloons, blues and jazz cafes. The style of the interiors also absorbed the features of the American colonial style.

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of the vessel, given below, are preliminary and should be clarified during the project development period.

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, m 45,0
The length between the perpendiculars, m 38,0
CWL length, m 39,4
Width according to UD, m 10,5
CWL width, m 10,0
Draft, m 1,5
Overall height from CWL, 14,5
Displacement, t 400
Auxiliary diesel generators:
Power, kW 2 x 150
Service personnel, person 10-15
Musicians, person 5
Security, person 5
Visitors, people (max) 200-230