Project CatLine19

High-speed catamaran for passenger transportation

The main problem of the modern metropolis in terms of transport is traffic, giant traffic jams during rush hours. But most large cities have waterways, historically they were built on rivers, lakes, and in coastal zones of the seas.

Properly using the passenger fleet, it is possible to significantly relieve ground lines, leveling, in particular, such a factor as insufficient bridge capacity. Often, the path through the water can be much shorter than the endless crush in traffic jams. Modern high-speed, high-performance passenger ships are called upon to solve this problem.

CatLine19 - an aluminum catamaran for carrying passengers along rivers, lakes, reservoirs, in the coastal zone of the seas.

The aluminum hull of the catamaran provides minimum weight and high driving performance. The simplicity and manufacturability of the design allows you to build such vessels in any shipbuilding enterprise.

The project provides for the possibility of lengthening the catamaran up to 24 m, by inserting it in the center of the vessel.

To achieve maximum efficiency, VOLVO PENTA IPS units are used as a propulsion complex. The installation project was carried out jointly with representatives of Volvo Penta. According to them, the use of these plants allows to achieve 30% fuel economy in comparison with traditional propulsive solutions.


CatLine19 is a one-deck catamaran with an aluminum hull and a superstructure. Superstructure - the entire width of the hull. The wheelhouse is forward to provide a better visibility.

Next to the stern is the passenger compartment. Two bathrooms are located in the aft of the cabin. The necessary tanks of fuel, fresh water and sewage waters are mounted in the middle of the catamaran.

The engine rooms with VOLVO PENTA IPS propulsion systems are located in the hulls aft and are separated by watertight bulkheads.

Anchor and mooring devices are located on the bow and stern of the deck. The catamaran is equipped with the necessary means of communication and navigation, as well as rescue equipment for the number of passengers and crew on board.

Boarding and disembarking of passengers is carried out by folding ladders in the stern of the vessel.

Sleeping places for crew members are not provided.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
The maximum length, m 18,7
The length of the main hull, m 18,5
Width is the greatest, m 7
Displacement, t 30-35
Draft, m 0.95
Main engine
VOLVO PENTA IPS 900 (D13), kW 2 x 515
Speed, knots 20 - 25
Passengers, persons 81
Crew, persons 2
Fuel, m³ 8
Fresh water, m³ 3

The hull and superstructure material are aluminum alloy.