Project WorkLine22

Multipurpose work boat of increased seaworthiness

The multi-purpose working boat of increased seaworthinessis intended to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • pilot boat - for the delivery of pilots in areas of seaports, including in severe weather conditions;
  • rescue boat - to help those in distress on the water, including in severe weather conditions;
  • small fire boat - to extinguish fires in port waters;
  • inshore boat - for the delivery of crews of vessels standing on the roads, small cargoes, the performance of official, messenger and surveyor functions.

The hull and superstructure of the vessel are made of shipbuilding steel. Compared to other materials, this allows you to reduce cost, improve maintainability, provide high strength and seaworthiness, simplify operation. During the construction, the technology of a shipyard oriented to work with metal can be used.

Flexibility in solving tasks is provided by the installation of various equipment. Equipment specifications are selected for a specific task. The equipment can be installed both during the construction process and during the operation of the vessel.

The contours of the steel hull allow the boat to move in a transition to planing mode in a wide speed range. With a displacement of about 60 tons, the maximum speed can reach 20 knots (37 km / h). The required speed and power of the power plant is selected to solve a specific problem, taking into account the criterion of "cost - effectiveness".

The hull of the boat is divided into five waterproof compartments. At the same time, the engine room does not communicate with other interior spaces. Entrance to the engine room is from the wheelhouse.

As propellers, two fixed-pitch propellers are used. Transmission - two Z-shaped reverse gears.

Facilities for the crew of the boat - 4 double cabins, two bathrooms with showers (one for two cabins), there is a galley and a salon. The concept of the premises is designed for a long stay of the crew on board. The boat is controlled from the wheelhouse. The rest of the wheelhouse area is intended for the installation of various equipment depending on the problem being solved.


Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Length, max, m 22.7
The length of the main hull, m 22
Width, max, m 6.3
Maximum draft, m 1.6
Displacement full, t 65
Fuel capacity, m³ 6
Autonomy on reserves stocks, days 3
Crew, pers. 2 - 8
The speed of the vessel can reach about:
16.0 knots with power main engine, kW 2 x 390
17.0 knots with power main engine, kW 2 x 436
18.0 knots with power main engine, kW 2 x 480

The steel hull is designed for fast swimming in a transition mode.