Project Pilot22

Pilot boat for the Northern Black Sea

Coast Steel hull with ice reinforcement

      The steel hull with ice reinforcement is designed to work in the periodically freezing ports of the northern Black Sea coast.

      The boat has a high seaworthiness. Particular attention is paid to ensuring optimal stability, namely an acceptable rolling period.

      The scalability of the hull allows you to provide high-speed navigation in a transition mode with a speed of 15 to 20 knots.


      Made in a modern European style and takes into account all the features of the design and technical equipment of modern European "pilots".

      The bow is made taking into account modern innovations that have proven themselves to work in ice cake.

      A wide transom stern, equipped with fenders, and allows you to place equipment for lifting people out of the water when participating in rescue operations.

      Panoramic glazing of the deck house provides an excellent overview, and the high free board almost completely prevents their flooding.

      Crew accommodation is designed for a long stay on board.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Length, max, m 22,7
Width, max, m 6,3
Maximum draft, m 1,6
Displacement full, t 65
Fuel capacity, m³ 6
Autonomy on reserves stocks, day 3
Number of crew members, people 3
Number of specialist personnel (pilots), people 7
The speed of the vessel can reach about:
16,0 knots with power DG, kW 2 x 390
17,0 knots with power DG, kW 2 x 436
18,0 knots with power DG, kW 2 x 480

The steel hull is designed for fast swimming in a transition mode.