Megayacht "Severina" - Project OB47

OB47 project mega yacht - "Severina" was handed over to the Russian Customer at the end of July 2008 . The yacht was designed and built under the supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for class KM ⍟ Ice1 R2-RSN, and having a capacity (GT) of more than five hundred, fully complies with the requirements of the SOLAS 74 and MARPOL 73/78 conventions. This is the highest degree of quality and reliability of a yacht as a vessel.

The yacht is a vessel of mixed navigation and is equipped with appropriate means of communication and navigation for sailing, both on the sea and on rivers. Originally designed with the ability to enter the northern rivers of Russia, she has a minimum draft for its size. Two Volvo-Penta engines with a total power of 1,552 kW provide a maximum travel speed of 15 knots. The maneuverability of the vessel during mooring is provided by the thruster.

This project was a serious test of maturity, for the ProLine Design Bureau and its specialists which they withstood with dignity. There were no questions to the vessel according to the test results - all the design characteristics and the seaworthiness of the vessel were fully confirmed.

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The visual concept of the exterior is in line with the modern concepts of a motor yacht, without different modern trends, such as bows with a backward inclination and other design extremism. Calm, concise and powerful silhouette. It should be noted that visually the yacht looks more than it actually is.


The new high-tech interior retains the basic features of the classic style, organically combining with modern forms and materials. The natural color of the noble wood, traditional for the classics, is combined in the interiors with the brilliance of glass and metal.

For the Owner and his guests there are two VIP apartment blocks with an area of about 100 sq meters each, consisting of a bedroom, living room, office, dressing room and a large bathroom unit equipped according to the principle "for him and for her" with separate entrances. The salon of the owner through the sliding doors is connected with a spacious balcony, forming a common seating area. On the deck below there are four large cabins of passengers and a special personnel cabin, there are all with separate bathrooms.

Two salons on the main deck, connected by a wide door with an open sitting area, allow welcoming guests with Russian hospitality.

A spa pool is installed on the huge sun deck, and a bar is located near the relaxation areas. There is also an electro-hydraulic crane for launching of the certified rescue boat and jet ski.

The feature of the yacht is a large sauna in the stern with a lounge for relaxation and direct access to the aft bathing area. This allows you to plunge straight into the sea after the steam room!

And one more highlight of the yacht is the bow rest area with sofas and tables before the wheelhouse.

The concept of separation of passengers and crew is implemented on the yacht. In everyday life, they do not overlap. The crew is located in four double cabins with separate bathrooms, he has his separate mess room both with a place for rest and a place for heating food. There is a block cabin near the wheelhouse for the captain.

Main characteristics

The yacht is designed and built under the supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping on class КМ ⍟ Ice1 R2-RSN

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, m 47,30
on CWL, m 42,81
Width, m 9,60
Board height, m 3,97
Draft on CWL, m 1,72
Displacement CWL, t 426
The main engine of the company "Volvo Penta" brand D 34 A MT
Rated power 2 x 776 kW
Diesel generators company "Volvo Penta" brand D 5 A T-UCM274E
Power 2 x 86 kW
Operating speed, knots 14,0
Maximum speed, knots 15,0
Diesel fuel, t 68
Fresh water, tons 14,5
The autonomy of swimming:
on stocks of provisions and fresh water of 5 days
Sailing distance, miles 3500
Crew 11 people
Passengers 12 pers

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The launch of the mega yacht of "Severina" project OB47

The trial trip of the mega yacht of Severina project OB47
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The trial trip of the mega yacht of Severina project OB47
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