The Bureau provides the following work:

Conceptual design

Ship ideology

Ship architecture

Exterior design

  • Development of advance projects of sailing and motor yachts, boats and other vessels for various purposes (service, fishing, cargo, special, pleasure, tourist, sports, hotel, cottage, etc.)
  • 3D modeling of a vessel as a complex, moving architectural and engineering object
  • Visualization and animation of the exterior of the vessel

Development and issue of project documentation

  • Development of design documentation for techno design project
  • Development of test documentation
  • Organization and tests holding
  • Development of operational documentation
  • Development of the class project and its approval by the supervising Classification Society

Engineering Services

Development of unique, non-standard solutions for the creation and realization of the project


Interior design

Visualization of architectural
and design solutions

  • Development of interior design concept for premises
  • Development of the design project premises equipment
  • Building 3D models of premises
  • Development of premises equipment drawings
  • Visualization of architectural and design solutions for interiors

Project support

Author's supervision

Technical support

  • Support the vessel in construction - technical support, creator supervision, current interaction with supervisory authorities
  • Organization of monitoring the construction of the vessel
  • Construction planning
  • Organization and provide of contract and subcontract work
  • Organization of contracting the equipment supply
  • Organization and control of equipping premises works
  • Supervision and support of the vessel in operation
  • Supervision and support of the vessel life cycle as a product