Project WorkLine16

Inshore boat

Inshore boat with steel hull and ice reinforcements

The boat is intended for inshore maintenance of ships in partially freezing ports of the northern Black Sea coast.

The steel hull with the possibility of ice strengthening is made scalable in speed with the ability to install main engines of various capacities to ensure both economical displacement navigation at speeds of up to 10 knots and planing from 16 knots. With two diesel engines of 400 hp each. The expected maximum speed can reach 20 knots.


Visual exterior concept

Main characteristics


Main dimensions:
Maximum length (overall) LOA, m 16.3
The length of the main hull, m 15
The length of the (LWL), m 14. 96
Width is greatest (BMAX), m 4.79
The width of the (BWL), m 4.4
Draft m 1.01
Displacement, t 24
Maximum, kn 20
Work, kn 18
Main engines, hp 2 х 400
Crew, people 2
Passengers, people up to 22
  • Body type - semiplaning

  • Hull material - low alloy shipbuilding steel

  • Material superstructure - aluminum-magnesium alloy