Project MotorLine143

- small corporative yacht

The development of small and middle business in Ukraine and in former USSR caused the formation of so-called middle class - the social group consisting of people who can, as well as in developed countries, invest the considerable part of their income in arrangement of their leisure, hobbies and entertainment. In the field of boating this group is the major customer for motor and sailing yachts from 10 to 15 m long. The yachts of similar dimensions can be used also as corporative for small companies.

Basically high-speed planing serial GRP boats, including ones from worlds leading manufacturers, present this class of the yachts on the Ukrainian market. Their characteristic features are rapid design, high speed (about 30 kn.), accelerated high powered diesel engines, typical hard-chine hull optimized for planing, high quality of finishing, serial manufacturing and manufacturers brand name. What more can you wish? If you are first of all a fan of high speed on the water, everything is all right. But if not? Let's talk about the things not mentioned in advertising booklets.

Speed. The hulls and controls of such boats are optimized for motion in planing and transient regimes. It is necessary to slow down the speed noticeably in sea conditions different from calm. But in displacing regime such hulls do not have normal controllability as well as any seaworthiness. Besides, the turbocharged diesels do not like the long operation at low rpm. Comfort. The specifics of high-speed craft make impossible the arrangement of really comfort-able conditions for passengers in such dimensions. The apartments are usually limited.

Exclusiveness. The boats of such dimensions are constructed in big series. According to specifics of GRP production (the number of moulds and conductors) the custom construction is impossible.

Fuel consumption. High.

But there is also another generation of motor yachts, popular basically in the countries of northern Europe. They are the displacing average speed yachts made of steel. Their main features are the large spaces of apartments, seaworthiness, and economy. Such boats are constructed in small series basically on the yards of Netherlands and Germany, according to the desires of concrete customers. The technology of metal shipbuilding makes possible making the considerable changes in exterior and interior elements of the boat with small losses.

The design of motor yacht MotorLine143 is a sample of such approach to creation of small boat, which is based on effectiveness, analysis of world yachtbuilding traditions and the experience of Nikolaev yachtbuilding yards.

The hull is made of steel, with soft chine of alternating radius (decreasing to the aft), consider-able deadrise in bow part and developed system of spray wedges. The forms are optimized for motion in displacing and transient (up to 19 knots) regimes.

The transverse framing and simple hull structure makes possible to build it on almost each ship-building enterprise.

The control position is located near the after bulkhead of cabin on the rising. The devices of control, communication and navigation are located there. The helm position is protected from the weather by acrylic glazing with marine window wipers and semi-rigid fabric tent.

The anchormooring equipment is located in for end and consists of anchormooring horizontal windlass, Bruce anchor, anchor chain and chain locker. The mooring equipment consists of bow and aft hawses and bollards.

The engine room contains in standard version the main engine VOLVO PENTA TAMD41H with power of 146 Hp, diesel generator set with power up to 16 kW and all necessary equipment for operation of ship systems. The built-in fuel tanks are also here. The boat can be equipped with climate control system by Customer wish.

Scalability. The ideology of the project makes possible changing of some characteristics of the boat in wide range.

Speed. By changing of main engine for two of them with higher power the boat will reach the transient regime and considerable speed. For example, with two diesels of 300 Hp power it is possible to reach a speed of 19 knots.


The exterior intends to follow modern tendencies at the same time having no useless decorations

Besides of presented here basic exterior layout, the version with fly bridge and located there control position (desired for high speed model) is also possible.

Interiors layout

In the 14 m long boat are located three full size cabins (including owners cabin in aft end), two toilets with showers, galley and a spacious saloon

Owners cabin is located in aft part. It is equipped with double bed, armchair, proper amount of wardrobes and plasma TV panel.

The 900 mm diameter shower cabin is built into the toilet. The saloon is located above the engine room, in the area of cabin glazing. The folding table and TV panel are located in the saloon.

Two guest cabins and a second toilet with two entrances are forward from the engine room.

The choice of wood sort and texture, main finishing and decorative materials will be given to the Customer. The changes in cabins number and layout, comfort level, number and location of toilets are also possible.

The deck layout is designed considering maximal comfort for passengers as well as for work of the crew. The spacious and well protected cockpit, equipped with sofas and folding tables is located in after part. The transom is equipped with swimming platform. The cockpit is covered with a fixed rigid top.

Our approach to design and construction of the yachts will help you to receive the boat, corresponding with you personal demands, and to see in reality the realization of your dreams.

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of the vessel below are preliminary and to be clarified during the project development

Main dimensions:
Maximal length (LOA), m 14.3
Main hull length, m 13.8
Length of waterline (LWL), m 12.56
Maximal beam (B max), m 4.49
Beam at waterline (BWL), m 3.83
Depth amidships, m 2.37
Bow draft at 50% stores, m 0.9
Stern draft at 50% stores, m 1.28
Displacement (50% stores), m³ 16
Cruising range by fuel stores, nm 1000
by fuel and lubrication oil by food
and water
according to cruising range not more
than 5 days
in cruising
Main engine:
Speed, knots 9.6
VOLVO PENTA ТАМD63L, hp 2 x 310
Speed, knots 19
Generator PANDA18NE, kW 16
Diesel fuel up to 1.8 m³
Fresh water up to 1 m³
Crew 6