Project SpeedLine40

The motor yacht SpeedLine40 was designed by the ProLINE Design Bureau as a culmination of great efforts and the passion of professionals. SpeedLine40 is a motor superyacht with a length of 40.8 meters, featuring a master cabin and three guest cabins, with a draft of 1.6 meters and capable of reaching speeds up to 34 knots. The yacht has a hull made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy and is capable of venturing into open seas.

The vibrant and versatile cruiser, SpeedLine40, will provide maximum enjoyment on any journey. Buyers will be captivated by the yacht at first sight. One of its most attractive features is the beach club. The aft section features a transformed aft deck area with a lifting platform, allowing the use of watercraft and other equipment for maritime leisure, stored in the garage built into the yacht's stern. The aft section of the second deck, with a pool, lounge area, bar counter, and a salon with chairs and a sofa, is complemented by the forward section with a solarium - an exceptionally open space that accentuates the grandeur of the surrounding marine views.

SpeedLine40, with a hull length of 135 feet, will satisfy the needs of an active and sophisticated owner who wants to live life to the fullest at sea, following a lifestyle oriented towards effortless elegance. The master suite on the main deck offers the owner spacious accommodations with an elegant marble bathroom. The extensive living area replaces traditional dining and main salons. A balcony with a sea view creates a unique atmosphere in close contact with the sea, with no barriers between the interior and exterior spaces.

On the second deck, near the helm, extensive glazed surfaces dominate. The helm's design creates a unified environment from which you can enjoy the cruise. Carefully equipped workspaces for two yacht captains, with a wide table housing the control panel, and a separate navigator's table, are featured.

The lower deck consists of three VIP cabins - one double and two singles. Moving further forward towards the bow of the vessel, there are crew quarters designed for six people.

SpeedLine40 is not just a yacht; it is the embodiment of a dream, a celebration of freedom, and a testament to a passion for the sea. It echoes the song of the wind and waves, ready to offer you the brightest chapters in your maritime history.

Main features



The visual concept of the exterior is in line with the modern concept of a traditional motor yacht.

A calm, concise and powerful silhouette. It should be noted that visually the yacht looks bigger than it really is.

The main characteristics

The main characteristics of the vessel listed below are preliminary
and subject to further refinement during the project development

The main characteristics (preliminary)
Maximum length, m 40,78
Length of the main hull, m 39,15
Length along the waterline (LWL), m 35,14
Maximum width, m 8,14
Width along the waterline (LWL), m 7,32
Height of the side, m 4,0
Draft of the hull (with 50% reserves),m 1,58
Volume displacement (with 50% reserves), m³ 149
Weight displacement (with 50% reserves), tons 153
Range under fuel reserves, miles 1400
Autonomy of navigation:
- with fuel and oil reserves - depends on the distance of the voyage;
- with provisions and water reserves - not more than 5 days under voyage conditions.
Maximum cruising speed (with 10% reserves), knots 34
Главный двигатель MTU 16V 4000 M90 hp 2 x 3648
Generators VOLVO PENTA kW 2 x 80
Diesel fuel, m³ 35
Freshwater, m³ 5
Crew, persons 6
Passengers, persons 10 - 12

Hull material: aluminum-magnesium alloy

*These are preliminary main characteristics of the vessel and are subject to further refinement during the project development.