About us

ProLine Project and Design Bureau, a leading Ukrainian company for the design of yachts, recreational vessels, passenger and technical fleet vessels, was established on 05.02.2003 as a limited liability company.

The Bureau carries out a full range of project - design and development works in the field of shipbuilding.

The main activity is vessel design and construction in shipbuilding, engineering and technical activities in the field of shipbuilding architecture.

Company Ideology

The Bureau combined two hundred years of experience and professionalism of shipbuilders and yacht builders in Nikolaev with an innovative approach to design, advanced technologies, creativity of thought and vision of the world.

Based on the best world experience, the Bureau builds its work from the Customer to Production. This changed the traditional priority of Soviet shipbuilding - technology over design. At the forefront is the beauty of the yacht, the dreams and desires of the future Owner. At the same time, the safety and seaworthiness of a yacht as a ship are indisputable.

The ProLine team knows their business firsthand. The knowledge of yachting came through hard male labor in long sea voyages under sail.

Respect for the sea is the basis of our worldview.

Company strategy

The basis of the Bureau is computer 3D modeling. Based on the wishes of the Customer, the ideology of the yacht is created, its style is formed, the basic technical and design solutions are developed, both for the exterior and for the interior.

Designing, based on the created computer model permits to avoid many errors and minimize additional costs during construction.

The main component of the success of the bureau is close cooperation with the Customer.

Beginning of mutual work is advance project. It allows you to form dreams into visible images and get an estimate of the value of your desires.

Then follows the selection of a reliable shipyard for the vessel building and the important procedure for concluding of the construction contract. Protection of the interests of the Customer is guaranteed throughout the construction cycle. This guarantee is the Architectural supervision of the Designer over the construction.

Our experts will control everything - there are no trifles for us!

Starting with metal cutting and ending with acceptance tests of the yacht, we will always be nearby to ensure your interests.