Project CatLine25P

Fast catamaran for passenger transportation

The light alloy catamaran is designed to carry up to 150 passengers on regular short-distance lines of the Nikolaev - Odessa, Nikolaev - Kinburg Spit type.

The concept of a passenger catamaran is to maintain a constant high speed regardless of the condition of the water surface (wind, roughness). This makes it possible to ensure the regularity of flights and precise adherence to the timetable.

Compared to planing ships and hydrofoils a catamaran has a very soft ride in rough seas. Wave-penetrating hull contours and high side height in the bow provide good seaworthiness. The special shape of the bridge (large deadrise) in the nose is designed to dampen shock wave loads. The ship's hull together with the superstructure is a single beam with high strength and rigidity, which is very important for a fast ship.

Small draft, lack of protruding parts (brackets, rudders) allows using shallow water ports.

The vessel is moving in the transition mode to gliding (pre-planing). Two water jets are used as propellers. They are equipped with reversible nozzles, which provide reverse movement and have the ability to deflect the jet stream, which allows you to steer the vessel on course. The advantages of water cannons: no cavitation at high speed, no steering gear, simplicity and compactness of the entire pulsing complex, resistance to damage from objects floating in the water.

Architectural and constructive type

a single-deck catamaran made of aluminum alloy, with a developed superstructure, a raised forecastle, a wheelhouse moved forward to improve visibility.

The hull and deck system is longitudinal, aluminum panels can be used for the superstructure.

The main engines and propulsion systems are located in the hulls, diesel generators - on the main deck.

On the main deck there is a salon for 130 passengers, two bathrooms, boxes for luggage. In addition, another 20 passengers can be placed in the stern on the open part of the deck, which can be protected by removable awnings.

Anchor and mooring devices are located on the bow and stern parts of the deck. The catamaran is equipped with the necessary means of communication and navigation, as well as life-saving equipment according to the number of passengers and crew on board.

Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers takes place by means of two integrated ladders.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Length maximum, m 26.7
Length along the main body, m 25
Maximum width, m 8.5
Displacement, tonnes 70
Draft, m 0.92
Main motor
MTU 12V2000M72, kW 2×1080
Generators, kWh 2×30
Speed, knots 28 - 30
Passengers, people 150
Crew, people 3
Fuel, m³ up to 10
Fresh water, m³ 2

Hull and superstructure material is aluminium alloy.