Project CatLine24

Steel catamaran for tourism, cruises and charter

Water recreation is interesting for millions of people around the world. Cruises, tourist flights and simply sea and river walks are an indispensable attribute of the modern tourism industry.

In the centers of world tourism and in places where there are at least small tourist flows, a diverse fleet operates, from large cruise liners to very small boats and yachts, being an integral part of this business.

The idea of a catamaran is very attractive to a cruise ship. A significant width of the premises, large deck areas, rectangular proportions, allow you to create different layout options, depending on the task. A cruise ship does not need high speed, so steel can be used as material, which simplifies and reduces the cost of the construction and operation process. The size of the catamaran is due to the creation of normal living conditions for passengers and crew. The project provides for the possibility of lengthening the catamaran to 28 - 30 m, by inserting it in the center of the vessel.

At this stage of development, two layout options are proposed.

  1. Option for long cruises on rivers, lakes, coastal zones of the seas (up to a week). The vessel is completely autonomous in terms of fuel and water reserves and is not connected with coastal infrastructure. There is a boat (RIB) for landing on an unequipped shore. For passengers, five double cabins are provided. Conditions in cabins - bathrooms, shower, hot water. There is a galley, provision storeroom, lounge, bar. On the upper deck - places for relaxation, sunbathing. The crew is five people.

The catamaran can be used as a small corporate yacht for business meetings, presentations, corporate leisure. To do this, it is necessary to increase the requirements for interior and exterior decoration and painting, equipment, decks. The level of comfort approximately corresponds to the comfort of a traditional (single hull) yacht 35 meters long.

  1. Option for short sea and river walks (1-4 hours). On board you can take up to 120 people. On board there are two bars (on the main and upper decks), three bathrooms, the necessary pantries. The vessel can also be used for special occasions, weddings, excursions, various corporate events.


CatLine24 is catamaran with an steel hull and a superstructure. Superstructure - the entire width of the hull. The wheelhouse is forward to provide a better visibility.

The engine rooms with VOLVO PENTA IPS propulsion systems are located in the hulls aft and are separated by watertight bulkheads.

Anchor and mooring devices are located on the bow and stern of the deck. The catamaran is equipped with the necessary means of communication and navigation, as well as rescue equipment for the number of passengers and crew on board.

Boarding and disembarking of passengers is carried out by folding ladders in the stern of the vessel.

Sleeping places for crew members are not provided.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
The greatest length, m 24,3
The length of the main buildings, m 24
Width is the greatest, m 10.5
Displacement, t 120
Draft by hulls, m 1,45
Speed, knots 10-12
Passengers, people 10 in double cabins
120, short walk option
Crew, people 5

The hull and superstructure material is steel.