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"Baiterek" is a tree of life, growing in the center of the universe, connecting heaven and earth, symbolizing eternal life, ambiguity and versatility. The hand-made image of this ancient and eternally young legend, organically woven from metal, glass and reinforced concrete, is in the center of Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan Republic, personifying the Eurasian idea and the connecting role of Kazakhstan in it.

The ideas of continuity, the age-old traditions of the people of the Great Steppe, its philosophy and culture, national pride and self-consciousness in the complex modern world formed the basis of the idea of the Baiterek motor ship, which, entering operation, will become the hallmark of the country.

Few people know about the conservancy areas of Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, this is a country with a unique nature and unforgettable impressions.

One of these places - Bukhtarma reservoir - is located in the heart of the Altai Mountains in northeastern Kazakhstan and is formed by the dam of the Bukhtarma hydroelectric station on the Irtysh River. In terms of its size, it is one of the largest artificial reservoirs in the world, which includes part of the Irtysh River, Lake Zaisan, and extends over more than 500 km. Its area - 5500 sq km - the real sea.

This huge bowl of pure water, hidden in the mountains, with sandy beaches and lush green mountain slopes, is Bukhtarma, the pearl of Rudny Altai. The stunning energy of these places is created by a picturesque mountain landscape, clear water, mountain sun and bright stars. The rugged bays of the coast are unique and pristine, there are wild nature around, pristine forests and wild animals - most of the beautiful places are accessible only from the water.

Being a service-pleasure vessel, "Baiterek", in fact, is a mega yacht, the main purpose of which is to provide representative functions of a large Kazakhstan enterprise, to hold international meetings, including meetings at the highest state level, as well as scientific conferences and, of course, corporate recreation.

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The visual concept of the exterior reflects the traditional solidity and reliability of Shipowner

Appearance. The visual concept of the exterior is in line with the modern concepts of a traditional motor yacht, without various new trends, such as bows with a backward inclination and other design extremism. Calm, concise and powerful silhouette. It should be noted that visually the yacht looks more than it actually is.


The interior of the yacht, decorated in a classic style - this is a bright room, radiating peace and comfort. Such an interior is not excessive, not overloaded with details, full of restrained dignity, each element of the interior seems especially significant, and the space of the premises is perceived as a harmonious whole. The main feature and the key idea of the Baiterek motor vessel is the continuity in the modern interpretation of the wise centuries traditions, the rational use of classical national motifs, as a symbol of the pride and identity of the people in the complex modern world.

According to the Russian classification, a service vessel, "Baiterek" is essentially a mega yacht. The main purpose of which is to ensure the representational goals of a large enterprise, to hold international meetings, scientific conferences and, of course, corporate of staff rest.

To do this, the vessel has several salons: - dining, main, fore, saloon on the bridge deck and the large mess room for passengers - with total area of over two hundred square meters. There is a special elevator for serving food from the galley to the salons. The special elevator for food delivery from the galley to the salons is installed.

On the sundeck, under the rigid stationary awning, the opened company cabin is equipped with a spa pool, a stationary grill, seating areas and sunbathing areas. One more pool is installed on the upper deck for passengers who love to swim after the sauna. The prestige of the vessel emphasizes deck mechanisms and equipment from polished stainless steel of the highest quality and reliability delivered from the world's best manufacturers.

On the bridge deck is a block of VIP apartments of 100 square meters.

The salon of the apartments is connected with a spacious balcony via a glassy sliding door. There are five block cabins of passengers and special personnel cabins, with separate sanitary units for each room.

The concept of separation of passengers and crew is implemented on the yacht. In everyday life, they do not overlap. The crew is located in three double cabins. The bathroom unit equipped with a washing and drying machine is provided for them. Also provided the crew cabin with a seating area and a place for heating food. For the captain and the captain's senior assistant, cabins are provided near the wheelhouse.

Main characteristics

The yacht was designed and built under the supervision of the Russian River Register for class ✠О 2.0
Completion was carried out under the supervision of the Shipping Register of Kazakhstan

Main dimensions:
Max length, m 48,37
on CWL, m 41,57
Max width, greatest, m 9,60
on the waterline, m 8,46
Board height amidship, m 3,97
DVL draft, m 1,72
Displacement on CWL, t 405
ME of the company "Volvo Penta" brand D 34 А МТ
Rated power 2 х 776 kW
DG company “Volvo Penta” brand D 5 A T-UCM274E
Power 2 х 86 kW
Operating speed, knots 14,0
Max speed, knots 15,0
Diesel fuel, t 16
Fresh water, t 6
The autonomy of sailing:
on reserves of provisions and fresh water for 3 days
Range of navigation, miles 1100
Crew 12 people
Passengers 12 people

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News Seversk TV about the launching of megayachts "Baiterek"

On May 30, 2009, at the "Samussky SSRZ" (Russia) the official-traveling vessel of the executive class "Baiterek" was launched

June 23, 2013 in framework of the program of mooring and sea trials implementation, CPT "Baiterek" made the first independent exit to high water

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