Project Line205P

Passenger ship

The decrease in the intensity of passenger transportation by water and the decrease in passenger traffic, which is typical for today, leads to the inexpediency of building new passenger ships in the sizes and concepts adopted in the last century in the USSR. At the same time, the existing passenger fleet, for the most part, has exhausted its resource, most of the ships are subject to decommissioning and replacement.

When updating the passenger fleet, it is necessary to create modern ships with a high level of automation, ideologically based on the "cost - efficiency" criterion.

Compared to traditional passenger ships of the OM type, the Line205P is half the length and three times the displacement, which significantly reduces construction and operating costs. At the same time, the vessel is capable of carrying up to one hundred passengers, which leads to the optimization of transportation costs per person.

Simplicity and manufacturability of shipbuilding steel construction allows building such vessels at any shipbuilding enterprise.


Description of the ship. The ship is designed to carry passengers on inland waterways and in the coastal zone of the seas.

Line205R is a steel single-hull vessel with a superstructure for the entire width of the hull. The wheelhouse has been moved forward to provide a better view. The passenger cabin is located on the upper (main) deck. Luggage room and two bathrooms - on the bottom. The engine room is located in the aft part of the hull and is separated by watertight bulkheads. Required tanks fuel, fresh water and sewage are mounted in the middle part of the hull and are inset. The main engines are two reversible diesel gear units. There is a separate diesel generator.

Anchor and mooring devices are located on the bow and stern parts of the deck.

The ship is equipped with the necessary means of communication and navigation, as well as life-saving equipment according to the number of passengers and crew on board.

The ship can be equipped with a supply ventilation and air conditioning system.

Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is carried out on folding ladders in the stern of the vessel.

Sleeping places for crew members are not provided.

At the request of the Customer, the layout of the vessel can be changed for various tasks, namely: short sea (river) trips, weekend cruises, solemn events, etc.

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Length maximum, m 21.2
Length along the main body, m 20.5
Maximum width, m 5.8
Displacement, tonnes 51
Draft, m 1.17
Main motor
Diesel generator, kW up to 50
Travel speed,
Maximum, knots 11
Operational, knots 10
Passengers, persons 96 + 2 with disabilities
Crew, people 3
Fuel, m³ 6.3
Fresh water, m³ 1.6

Hull and superstructure material - shipbuilding steel.