Project MegaLine50

Size has the meaning

Motor yachts with a length of 48-50 m, having a registered capacity of more than 500 belong to the class of megayachts. These vessels are subject to the SOLAS Equipment Convention, which has a positive effect on maritime safety.The dimensions of the vessel provide excellent seaworthiness, large areas of the premises, and, as a result, a high level of comfort on board. The fifty-meter mega yacht is capable to solve various problems: as a representative vessel for a corporation, as an owner's vessel, or used in a charter for receiving high-level guests. At the same time, the cost of such a vessel in the construction and operation is not sky-high in comparison with larger yachts.

Unlike the well-known platform "river-sea", on which motor yachts "Severina" & "Baiterek" were implemented having restrictions on overall height and draft, the MegaLine50 is a marine-class representative vessel.

The ideology of the project is based on the latest achievements in marine architecture, research and the experience of the company "ProLine" in the field of creating exclusive motor yachts. The greatest length reaches 50.6 m, which allows for greater comfort, to expand the functional component and, according to the image, to correspond to the concept of "MegaYacht" - a large representative class vessel.

Exterior, driving and seaworthiness

MegaLine50 is a design of a reliable and seaworthy vessel. The visual perception of the exterior is focused primarily on these qualities, namely: a large freeboard height, a developed forecastle (a high side in the bow), general tectonicity and the visual power of the silhouette (like a rock crashing into sea waves fearlessly).

The yacht is structurally made of metal, but conceptually should be closer to plastic vessels, i.e. sharp corners, sharp edges inherent in steel shipbuilding are not allowed. The lines are exceptionally smooth, and the transitions are rounded, but at the same time, it remains possible to make constructions from steel and aluminum. The steel hull has modern contours with a bulbous bow tip, providing exceptionally high driving and seaworthiness. An elegant superstructure, with a developed architecture and wide recreational opportunities, is made of aluminum alloy.

Both active and passive pitching dampers are used for greater comfort on the vessel.

The maximum speed is 15 knots (see specifications), but at the request of the Customer it can be increased up to 16 knots when using a more powerful power plant. The dimensions of the engine room allow to do this.

Visualization of architectural and design solutions

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Max length, m (LOA) 50,63
length on CWL, m 45
Max width (Вmах), m 9,8
Width (Bwl), м 9,136
Draft, м 2,7
Displacement (half load), м³ 530
- Max, knots 15
- Cruising speed, knots 13
- Economic speed, knots 11
Power plant:
Main Engines, kW 2⠀x⠀950
Diesel Generators, kW 2⠀x⠀100
Cruising range, nautical mile, миль 4000
Fuel tanks, м³ 90
Fresh water tanks, м³ 18,9
Sewage tanks, м³ 16
Ballast tanks, м³ 38
Crew 12
Passengers 12