Project MotorLine16D

Daily diving boat

The main purpose of the vessel is to conduct day diving tours during daylight hours. Depending on the conditions on the dive sites, it is possible to conduct both one dive during the tour, and several. In the presented configuration, the vessel can provide up to six dives of twelve people to depths not exceeding twelve meters. At great depths, the number of dives is determined by the necessary pauses between dives and depends on the depths. To ensure immersions, the presented equipment provides installation sites for 12-liter high-pressure cylinders with a working pressure of 225 kg/cm² and a high-pressure compressor with a capacity of 450 l/min with electric drive. Electric power to power the compressor and other needs is produced by a 30 kW diesel generator.

It is possible to equip the vessel with a lower capacity compressor with a corresponding decrease in the number of day dives, or the compressor may not be installed, and the dives are provided with accepted cylinders filled with air to the working pressure.

Based on the speed of the vessel and the length of the daytime at different latitudes at different times of the year, dive sites can be located from 30 to 80 miles from the ship's base.

The necessary navigation equipment and radio communications equipment according to the Supply Schedule installed on the vessel. Also provided rescue equipment in the required quantity.

Preparation for diving divers made on dive deck in the stern of the vessel. Divedeck is protected from direct sunlight with a soft awning. The cylinders are placed in cassettes on the aft bulkhead of the superstructure, from there they are delivered to two benches where the equipment is assembled. Between the benches on the CLP is a table for placing equipment, its adjustment and maintenance. Entry into and out of the water is made from stern area, covered with trellised wooden flooring and equipped with two folding ladders. A railing is installed along the outer perimeter of the dive plate from the water side, for which divers can keep waiting for a dive or a queue of access to the ladder.

In the superstructure there is a salon equipped with semi-soft sofas and dining tables, in which passengers are placed at the transition to the dive site, rest between dives, have lunch. In case of deterioration of weather conditions, the salon carries out a shelter role. Also, in the salon there is an equipped place for heating food, equipped with a fridge for food and drinks.

Inside the salon, separated from it by metal bulkheads with waterproof doors, are a bathroom with a toilet and washbasin and a pantry for equipment.

Sun loungers for relaxing and sunbathing are available on the deck of the superstructure. The deck is fenced with a rigid guard railing, access is carried out by an inclined ladder from the bow of the vessel.

The vessel is controlled from the wheelhouse, where the necessary instruments and equipment are installed. The entrance both to the wheelhouse and the crew cabin located under them, equipped with two berths, is made from the cabin through watertight doors. Access to the engine room is also made from the cabin through a watertight hatch.

In addition to providing diving, the vessel can be used for excursions and various types of water recreation. The required equipment is determined based on the conditions of use.


The visual concept of the exterior - in line with modern ideas about the traditional motor yacht

Main characteristics

Main dimensions:
Maximum length, m 17,4
CWL length, m 15,2
Width, m 4,9
Board height, m 2,05
Draft, m 1,2
Displacement, м³ 28
Navigation range
by fuel reserves, miles 980
The autonomy of swimming:
- on fuel reserves, days 4
- on reserves of provisions and water, days 1
Speed, knots 10
Main engine, hp 2 x 85
or 1 x 107
Generator, kW 1 x 30
Compressor of a high pressure, l/min 450
Crew, pers 2
Passengers, pers 12