Project SSPU

Berth-connected ship floating shelter - SSPU project (SSPU) is the main element of the "Baiterek" for traveling motor vessel ULBA project base and is designed to protect the vessel against the effects of precipitation and solar radiation, maintain the micro climate during inter seasonalal and intertourne sludge, and also provide the possibility of repair works, with the necessary equipment to create micrclimatete when performing interior and paintwork.

SSPU consists of a steel U-shaped pontoon (in plan) and a cover made of sandwich panels with basalt insulation, which are mounted on arched metalwork.

Render of the Berth-connected ship - Floating Shelter (SSPU)

Visual concept - to survive in harsh conditions

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Mega boathouse for mega yacht!

The process of construction and appearance

Internal arrangement of SSPU

The pontoon hull is made of shipbuilding Register steel B category with a thickness of 8-10 mm. The pontoon hull is divided by impenetrable bulkheads into 16 compartments.

Arched cover structures are made of two parts. The lower part is the support; upper removable part - arch of overlap. The supports are welded to the deck of the pontoon. The supports are interconnected by braces. Arches of overlapping are mounted on support and fastened by bolts to support. The overlap is connected by bracing and connecting farms.

Three-layer sandwich panels are used for wall and roof constructions. In the bow of the shelter are equipped with auxiliary facilities.

For mooring the vessel in the SSPU are used mooring ropes, stored on the vessel. To enter the vessel into the SVFS, the mooring rope is supplied through the ship's hawse installed in the CLP and is put on the SVFS mooring bollard installed in the CLP of bow part of the shelter. Next, the vessel is entered into the shelter, using the centering mooring rope in the CLP. After the vessel is entered into the SVFS, the vessel's standard mooring ropes are brought up through the mooring hawse and fastened on the SSPU mooring bollards. Next, the mooring ropes are packed to fasten the vessel.

The opening in the rear wall of the SSPU is closed by removable panels.

Main characteristics

SSPU operation area -
protected water bodies on the inland waterways of the Republic of Kazakhstan
discharge ✠Л0,6 according to the classification of the Rules

Main dimensions:
Length L, m 55.0
Width B, m 16.6
Board height H, m 1.5
Draft T, m 0.65
Displacement, t 320
Maximum height, m 17.3
Air clearance, m 16.3
Air clearance (without roof), m 8.0