Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide December '2004:

"Volvo Penta Diesels for New Yacht"

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The Nikolaev - based Ukrainian ship¬yard Liman has begun construction of a 47 m luxury motor yacht. The new yacht project has a working name of “Ob 47.” Ob is the river in Siberia where the new yacht will operate and 47 refers to its overall length. The ves¬sel, recently christened Severina, will have a draft of 1.7 m and displace 405 tons. It was designed by Nikolaev - based yacht design and engineering company, ProLlNE. The propulsion plant consists of two Volvo Penta D34A MT diesels rated 776 kW each turning five blade fixed pitch pro¬pellers via Twin Disc MG-6557-00-SC gearboxes. This propolsion system configuration will provide a maximum speed of 15 knots. For power supply, the vessel will be equipped with two Stamford UCM274E generators, rated power 86 kW, driven by Volvo Penta D5AT diesel engines. Volvo Penta will supply all the diesels and propeller drive shafts. The vessel will be built on the class of the Russian Register of shipping and will have a reinforced sleet-proof hull for sailing in the Arctic Ocean and other waters where there is drift ice.

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