The luxury megayacht Bayterek had made her first pre-trial cruise in open waters on June 23, 2013, preparing to the programs of mooring and sea trials. [Details]
PDB "ProLine" has taken part in an exhibition "Neva - 2013" in Saint Petersburg. [Details]
Construction of a motor megayacht of the project "ULBA" is completed on "Samussky ship-building and ship-repair plant" (Russia) for Republic Kazakhstan. [Details]
The ship building yard "Liman" successfully completed construction of the motor mega yacht "SEVERINA" of OB 47 project. [Details]
The section of OB 47 project is renewed, new photos of interior, exterior and video are added. [Details]
PDB "ProLine" has taken part in an exhibition "Neva - 2009" in Saint Petersburg. [Details]
PDB "ProLine" participated in nationwide exhibition "Barvysta Ukraina" which took place in National complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" from 18-th till 21-th August 2009. [Подробнее]
Mega yacht "ULBA" project dispatched from Samussky Ship Yard to Kazakhstan. [Details]
The motor megayacht of the project "ULBA" is launched on "Samussky ship-building and ship-repair plant". [Details]
Our bureau took part in the fair "Shipbuilding-2009" in Nikolaev [Details]
PDB "ProLine" is participant of "Yacht-Profy 2009", Nikolaev [Details]
The motor mega yacht "Severina" of OB 47 project completed sea trials successfully. [Details]
The motor mega yacht "Severina" of OB 47 project was launched successfully at ship building yard "Liman". [Details]
Our bureau took part in the fair "Shipbuilding-2008" in Nikolaev [Details]
PDB "ProLine" is participant of "Yacht-Profy 2008", Nikolaev [Details]
The bureau participated in general meeting of "Ukrsudprom" Association. [Details]
PDB "ProLine" was declared as the best plant in "Ukrsudprom" Association. [Details]
Presentation of developments by bureau "ProLine" in Italian Companies. [Details]
PDB "ProLine" is the participant of 9-th International Marine Exhibition "NEVA-2007", St-Petersburg. [Details]
It is registrated in Internet domain name "" [Details]
PDB "ProLine" is the participant of international project "Transport complex of Ukraine" [Details]
By invitation of the main office of "Volvo Penta" Company (Gothenburg, Sweden) the business meetings took place on three enterprises of this Company. Further development of mutual cooperation in mega yachts building have been discussed on these meetings. [Details]
Our bureau took part in the fair "Shipbuilding-2007" in Nikolaev [Details]
ProLine Yacht Design & Engineering bureau - the participant of publishing project "Marine and river complex of Ukraine" [Подробнее]
Chief Designer ProLine presented his report on the exhibition "Odessa boat show 2007" [Details]
Our bureau participated in exhibition "Yacht-Prophy 2007", Nikolaev. [Details]
Our bureau took part in the fair "Shipbuilding-2006" in Nikolaev [Details]
Our bureau took part in Nikolaev exhibition "Yacht-Profi 2006". [Details]
Interior photos of the motor-sailing yacht "ANNA" project 09127 added to section "interior". [Details]
Maritime Industry Organizations of Ukraine Employers - "Ukrmorprom" society was found. [Details]
Our bureau took part at the VIII International exhibition "NEVA - 2005" [Details]
The information about project of motor yacht Motor Line 23 was added [View]
The information about project of motor yacht Motor Line 143 was added [View]
The section "Hand graphics" was updated [View]
Our bureau took part in the fair "Shipbuilding-2005" and in the meeting of "Ukrsudprom" Association in Nikolaev [Details]
The EXTERIOR page redesigned, section "Hand graphics" was added "" [View]
The information about project of motor yacht SpeedLINE 40 was added [View]
The construction of megayacht "SEVERINA" - by design OB 47 has been started in Nkolaev [Details]
The design of motor yacht OB 47 was presented at the stand of Ukrainian representative office of VOLVO PENTA at the exhibition "ODESSA 210" [Details]
Fully renewed exterior view galleries of motor yachts designs OB 47 and LINE 36 [Details]
Our bureau took part in 7th International exhibition "Boat Show Saint Petersburg 2004".  [Details]
ProLine became a full member of Association of Ukrainian shipbuilders [Details]
Chief designer of ProLine made a report in science-practical conference in Odessa
Our bureau participated in exhibition "Odessa Boat Show 2004" [Details]
Yacht design and engineering bureau ProLINE was created as a response to appeared in former USSR demand for the yacht design organizations of new type. Basically the similar structures are the subsidiaries of shipyards, so they are restricted in their creative work with the technology dictates.
Our philosophy is the creation of progressive design expressing dreams and wishes of our Customer, and also defending his interests from the tendency of production to simplify everything.
ProLINE team consists of people who are for years connected with yachtbuilding and yachting, many of us have an experience of sea trips onboard yachts of various type and size. All of this, together with non-standard way of thinking, experience in designing, competence and information about the latest events in yachtbuilding and yachting guarantees the complete realization of our Customer's wishes.
We see our task in making the realization way of yacht into metal most effective.
This way consists of some stages and starts from the moment, when you contact us via our e-mail
Then, starting from your wishes about the budget, timetable, classification society requirements and future exploitation conditions, we will carry out the preliminary study of design (pre-design stage). The main task of this stage will be the decision on possibility of vessel's compliance to the primary requirements, and the result will consist of following data:
1. Exterior design.
2. Speed, engine power and cruising range study.
3. General arrangement and decks layout.
4. Styling of one (to your decision) main interior section.
The pre-design stage will allow you to avoid the unnecessary time and money investments if the preliminary studies will show that some of your wishes can not be realized under given conditions. In this case we will give you our recommendations about changing of this requirements.
Your participation is important on all design stages. We will, basing on your wishes, prepare the materials that will be the foundation for further design work.
Your influence is most required on the interior design stage. Our acknowledgement about your tastes and preferences will be the base of creating interiors that you will enjoy.
Based on the maximum reliable information available now at minimum investment you make a decision about the future of the project. Owing to different reasons you can stop the further work temporarily, or continue it to the moment when you will make a step on deck of the boat of your dreams.
If you decided to begin construction and achieved an agreement with a shipyard, we start to work as your independent designer to produce all the necessary drawings and documentation, also protecting your interests against the shipyard during construction.
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