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The regular general meeting of "Ukrsudprom" Association took place in Kiev on 19.02.2008. This meeting considered the following questions:
1. Report of Presidium of "Ship building of Ukraine and "Ukrsudprom" Association in 2007 and tasks for 2008 year" (Mr. V.N.Gureev).
2. Report "Actual questions of Ukrainian ship building industry development in context of its marine policy" (Mr.V.I.Lisitsky).
3. Report of "Ukrsudprom" Association Auditing Commission (Mr. S.V.Lysenko).
4. Information about economical and organizational activity of "Ukrsudprom" Association during reporting period (Y.V.Alekseev).
5. Information about participation "Ukrsudprom" Association in international exhibitions in 2008-2009 (Y.V.Alekseev).
6. Admission into Association members.
The meeting estimated positively activity of Association Presidium and took decision to prepare suggestions to Program of Ukrainian Government and elaborate "Ukrainian marine doctrine conception".

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