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International Marine Exhibition "NEVA-2007" which took place in St-Petersburg became record from 1991 and occupies the 4-th position among Civil Marine Exhibitions according to modern estimation of experts.
Total quantity of participants exceeded 800 Companies and enterprises from 45 countries, including national expositions from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, USA, Czechia, Netherland, France, China, Spain.
The transport Minister of Russian Federation Mr. I.E.Levitin, Chairman of Council Federation Committee on National Marine Policy Mr. V.A.Popov, Vice Speaker Of Russian Federation State Council famous polar explorer Mr. A.N.Chilingarov, mayor of S-t Petersburg Chairman of Marine Council by S-t Petersburg Government Mr. V.I.Matvienko, mayor of Rotterdam Mr. Ivo V. Opselten spoke to participants and guests with greeting.
PDB "ProLine" took part in exhibition both having its own stand and on united stand of Association of Ukraine ship builders "Ukrsudprom". Two motor mega yachts "OB 47" with length 47,3 meters and "ULBA" with length 48,4 meters were demonstrated on these stands. The first of them is on the stage of finish decorating of the rooms and painting, the second one is on the stage of cable mounting, mounting of equipment, devices and systems, painting of outer surfaces.
Beside of this, some pilot projects were demonstrated on the basic of computer three-dimensional models for motor-sailing yacht with length 15,6 meters, motor yachts with length 14,3; 23,7; 40,0; and 63 meters which have speed in range from 9 up to 35 knots.
Numerous of guests from different countries, when visiting PDB "ProLine" stands, noted the high level of architecture and design, originality of technical decisions, well engineered composition of the rooms and recreation zones on the presented projects vessels.
Thematic parts of "NEVA 2007" exhibition reflected condition and perspectives of development of civil ship building, shipping, providing of safety at sea, study and mastery of mineral and oil and gas sources, biological sources of Ocean, infrastructure of river and marine ports, methods, technologies and means of study and mastering of Ocean and shelf.

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