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The annual exhibition "Odessa boat show 2007" took place in period from April 4 to April 5 2007 in Odessa. The V International scientific-practical conference "Теndency of yacht business and boatbuilding development" anticipated this exhibition.
This conference was devoted to yacht running, building of yachts and aspects of yacht tourism development in region. Chief Designer PDB "ProLine" Mr. Sergey Miroshnik made report about peculiarity of motor mega yachts designing.

Peculiarity of motor mega yachts designing.
(Thesis from report for the 5 International Conference
"Теndency of yacht business and boatbuilding development"
Odessa boat show 2007)

The global tendency of growing of motor yachts and sailing yachts measurement and their displacement and capacity.

Necessity of yachts conformity to International Rules and conventions, regulating safety at sea.

The growing of guaranty for ship owner's absolute safety as basic factor for designing.

The prevailing of yacht's specific in ideology of high prestige recreation vessel.

The main features of the yacht as recreation vessel are as follows: reconcilability, originality and exterior presentability. They are one of the main factors ship Owner's success.

The prevailing of ship Owner's human factor, his spirit, attitude and competence in subject discussed.

The main conflict between ship Owner's interest to provide his private safety and observance of yacht's ideology.

The way of providing of the settlement of the main conflict.

The features of elaboration the yacht's ideology are as follows:
- Prevailing wish of exterior dynamic forms contrasting to real vessel speed.
- Increasing of areas for passengers by decreasing areas for service rooms ( ME room, MCR, etc.) and rooms for the crew.
- The conflict between measures for yacht's safety as a vessel and comfort ability in VIP rooms.
- The complication in co-ordination of composition vessel's and safety devices in the yacht's exterior.
- Necessity of application certified, convention equipment at yacht's execution.
- Application of specially, individually (very often unique) designed devices.

Peculiarities design works implementation:
- The small experience in designing and building of yachts as new, dynamically developing direction in ship building, the absence of complete prototypes, statistic data (in particular) of weight loads.
- Application of new unique equipment.
- The deficit of information about equipment on the first designing stages.
- Necessity of joining to International cooperation.
- The subjectivity of perception of designing works labour- intesiveness by ship Owners and ship shipbuilders.

Chief Designer of Project design Bureau "ProLine"
Sergey Miroshnik

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