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"Yacht-Profi 2006", Nikolaev,

Sailing season was opened by the exhibition, which always held out at the end of March in regional yacht club. The main direction of this exhibition was yachts, sailing, yacht equipment, rest at water, and all concerned with yachts.
Company "Proline" always takes part in such exhibitions as this one, to present new projects that are done by past years.
"Proline" has shown some projects of motor and sailing yachts, among which is a new project of MegaLine 48. MegaLine 48 is a next step of our company in the "megayacht line". There were exhibited interiors of the new and old projects. The main "star" of our exhibition was some photo of the megayacht "Sevirina" by our project OB 47, that are now being build at shipyard ""Liman".
At our region it's already a tradition to take part in this exhibition by all companies that are involved in yacht business. Lots of companies come from Kherson, Odessa and even from Kharkov. It was a good chance to speak with old friends and meet a new one. As always there were lots of visitors.
Yachting is one of the dynamic weave of industry in recreation business. Yachting is growing up nowadays and the popularity of this recreation type is rising too.
That's why "ProLine" keeps watching.

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