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The 11th international fair "Shipbuilding-2005" took place in Nikolaev on 18 - 20 of May.
More than 90 enterprises and institutions participated in it, and this is an absolute record. Among them were presented the big shipyards, design organizations, educational institutions, manufacturers of materials and equipment for shipbuilding industry, and a stand of economical mission of Republic of Poland in Ukraine. In the exposition of fair "Transport of Nikolaev", which was held in the same time, were presented the stands of seaports and terminals forming the base of transport infrastructure of Nikolaev.
The yacht design and engineering bureau ProLine became the permanent participant of "Shipbuilding" fairs. The projects of motor and sailing-motor yachts in different stages of development were demonstrated on the stand of Bureau.
The small corporate motor yacht MOTOR LINE 143 became the novelty of the stand. The interiors developed for different yachts were also presented by bureau, executed as computer 3-D models with highest level of details and professional hand graphics.
The special interest and appreciation of fair visitors and guests of opening ceremony - Nikolaev Governor A. Sadykov, the Chairman of Association of Ukrainian Shipbuilders "UKRSUDPROM" V. Gureev, Mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika, deputies of Supreme and local councils was attracted by the project of megayacht OB 47. The visitors received a unique possibility to see the real general arrangement drawings of yacht being constructed, to view the computer developments of yacht's exterior and interiors on the posters and computer monitor, to preview the exterior of future vessel by it's scale model. The completeness to the information was given by the photos taken at different stages of yacht's construction on shipyard LIMAN.
In the day of "Shipbuilding-2005" opening the meeting of Association of Ukrainian Shipbuilders "UKRSUDPROM" was held in the conference hall of Nikolaev state administration under the chairmanship of the peoples deputy Vasily Gureev. He made a report "The guiding lines of national shipbuilding in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About the changes in the Law of Ukraine "About the state budget of Ukraine".
The head of shipbuilding department of Ministry of industrial policy P. Korotkiy presented the informational report "About the main results of Ukrainian shipbuilding operation in the first quarter of 2005 and the problems of it's development ".
In discussion about the concerned items took part a Mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika, the member of head board of Association of Ukrainian Shipbuilders "UKRSUDPROM" V. Lisitsky, the general director of "Zorya - Mashproekt" complex, Hero of Ukraine Y. Bondin, general director of NPO "AMICO" Y. Zhukov and other chief executives of different enterprises and institutions.
The participants of Association' meeting approved the appeal to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko, Chairman of Supreme Council Vladimir Litvin and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko. In the appeal were mentioned the stable last years tendencies of revival in Ukrainian shipbuilding due to the competent state support. The growth of production volumes contributed to the filling of local and state budgets.
But in connection with the latest changes in some Laws of Ukraine the threat of new sharp crisis in national shipbuilding and repair business. The meeting of Association in its Appeal asked the leaders of Ukraine to take the measures for renewal of action of all the articles of Laws of Ukraine "About the measures of state support of shipbuilding industry of Ukraine" and "About the special economical zone NIKOLAEV". This will provide the development of shipbuilding - one of the most complicated branches of industry, and will be followed by the rebirth of national economy.

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