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On the general meeting of the Association of Ukrainian shipbuilders "Ukrsudprom" in Nikolaev on May 19, 2004 the Design and Engineering bureau ProLine was affiliated as a full member of the association.
The Association of Ukrainian shipbuilders "Ukrsudprom" created in May 1998 is the non-governmental community of shipbuilding and ship-repair enterprises, design organizations and other related structures.
Being in fact a public organization, to the 19th of May 2004, the day of opening in exhibition center "ExpoNikolaev" of 10th international exhibition "Shipbuilding 2004" the Association united 42 members. This is the evidence of its high authority.
During 6 years of functioning the Association made a lot for the protection of industry-wide interests, for regulation of partnership between the members of Association, for joining of efforts and coordination of activities in solving common problems, and it was done as well due to development of national laws and to the regulation and expansion of cooperation with foreign partners. The decision of ProLine Design and Engineering Bureau to join the Association is natural and logical. We are sure that the cooperation in design and construction of such complicated technical objects like megayachts, large vessels for rest, entertainment and tourism is a vital necessity.
ProLine has a close partnership with design departments of Chernomorsky shipyard and shipyard "Liman", "Neptun-Elektro", "Veteko-APM" and some others, with the production structures like "MORE" shipyard in Feodosia, shipyard "Liman", yacht yard "Navigal".
But constantly growing interest of the customers from Russia and Europe to design and engineering decisions of ProLine based on computer 3-D modeling and to the shipbuilding abilities of our partners causes the need in further development and expansion of our cooperation with other shipbuilding and ship-repair enterprises, design and other related organizations in Ukraine.
35 members of Association, leaders of other associations, representatives of local authorities and guests from Poland and Russia took part in functioning of the general meeting of the Association of Ukrainian shipbuilders "Ukrsudprom" on 19th of May 2004. Before the opening of the meeting they took part in the unveiling of the exhibition "Shipbuilding-2004" and viewed the expositions of the participants. The President of the Association and peoples deputy Vasiliy Gureev and other respected guests visited the stand of ProLine and displayed a high interest to the projects of sailing yacht and motor megayachts.
That is why after presenting by the Executive Director of Association Yuri Alekseev of the written request of our bureau about joining in Association many of present members gave positive references to us. ProLine was marked highly by the chairman of the meeting - the President of Association Vasiliy Gureev.
We are convinced that joining the Association of Ukrainian shipbuilders "Ukrsudprom" will contribute to further expansion of our business partnership with the members of Association as well as with foreign partners.
Leonid P. Dubrov, director

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