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Application of 3-D modeling technologies in yacht design.

The theses of report by Sergey Miroshnik, chief designer of ProLine design and engineering bureau, made at the international science-practical conference "Main tendencies of tourism and yachting in Black Sea region" during Odessa Boat Show 2004.

1. Fundamental difference between yacht design and the design of conventional vessels.
At the beginning of 90-s, when yacht design became a need, the main difference between yacht design and the design of all other vessels was found. The function is determining feature in ship or vessel design, when the aesthetic sensing is a priority for the yacht. At the same time safety and seaworthiness of the yacht are indisputable.
The second component of yacht success is the interior, the aesthetic requirements for which are much higher than to "inshore" interiors.

2. 3-D modeling as an optimal approach to yacht designing.
The development of computer hardware in last 5-6 years and the appearance of powerful software allowed the effective solving of design and analysis task of any complexity. Today the companies who don't use such technologies have no chance to enter the world market.

3. Cooperation - a vital necessity in carrying out of complicated technical objects.
Today a new, almost 3-D model of production relations is necessary. Two vectors in this model are design and production, traditionally working in one plane, and the third, financial-organizational, is able to lead Ukrainian and Russian yachts on the wave of world yachting business.
Today our Bureau closely cooperates with respected financial structures, from Moscow and Kiev, such as VABANK - one of the first ten of Ukrainian banks.
Among the design teams we would like to mention Design centers of Chernomorsky shipyard and shipyard "Liman", "Neptun-Elektro", "Veteko-APM" and some other, dynamically developing.
The production structures that we cooperate with are: "MORE" shipyard in Feodosia in the field of high-speed light alloy yachts, shipyard "Liman" in the field of steel hull displacement yachts more than 30 m long, yacht yard "Navigal" in motor and sailing yachts under 20 m long.
In the future the tourist and charter companies can be involved in cooperation, providing the use of the object and incarnating the high profit of the project.
The close and active cooperation with equipment suppliers is also important.

4. The problem of design work today is the deficit of personnel.
The time showed that modern computers and software couldn't solve the task of gaining commercial and technical effect without specialists trained to use all this technology. The training of own personnel is necessary - designers, production engineers, workshop personnel and first of all managers starting from deputies of director and chief designer.

5. Creation of flexible design environment.
Our first goal was to create a designing block that can comply with the level of tasks and can be frequently built into any structural scheme.
In work-through of the structure we also test different CAD/CAM systems and other design software. We think that the most flexible is the system built from serial or parallel (according to design technology) independent blocks able to interpret information in the same or compatible format.
It is important to keep the cost of the project complying with the world level minimal.

6. Today's status of computer based design in our bureau.
I can confidently say now that we don't remain behind the leading design companies in the level of IT technologies use. The enthusiasm and will to self-realization help us as usual.
Today we fully design in 3D models hull form, shape of superstructure, volumes of apartments, tanks location, machinery allocation, ship's systems arrangement, lofting. The calculations of ships statics and dynamics, propulsion qualities and controllability are made basing on 3-D model. It enables us to exclude the expensive model tests in the pool. Also we made in 3-D all arrangement and equipping of apartments, it helps us to make interiors visualization and to issue the drawings after Customer's approval.
The project blocks based on one model allows us to adjust correctly project decisions.
We are in the beginning of the way, there are some drawings made by hand, also based on computer models, and we have a lot of job ahead.

7. The main factor determining the success of 3D technologies is their wide usage.
The high quality of design is provided by the possibility to see and estimate the degree of perfection of designer's ideas before they are incarnated in metal. And today only 3-D makes possible to feel and optimize the construction on early stages of design.
We cannot say that our project OB 47 will be one of the first yachts in Ukraine 100 percent modeled in 3D, but we do our best for this. All primary conditions for creation of first Ukrainian "digital" vessel exist now.

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